6 Revolutionary Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

Zarminah Ahmed
4 min readFeb 9, 2022


In a rapidly changing world of technology, there’s one big game-changer: Artificial Intelligence, or AI. Have you ever noticed how Google search just ‘gets’ you or those funny Snapchat filters follow your face? It’s because of AI.

Think back to when AI was just a far-off idea for computer whizzes. AI is now everywhere, we might not even realize the subtle ways AI is quietly shaping our lives. It’s like a major player in areas such as marketing, finance, healthcare, and more. It’s the reason behind things happening that used to feel like pure magic.

The growth of AI is mind-blowing. Experts say it could be growing by a huge 54 percent every year. People like Elon Musk even say that AI could change the whole world by 2040, like electricity did ages ago.

In this blog, we will share with our readers how AI has made life easier in seriously cool ways. And guess what? These aren’t just fancy tech tricks — they’re like super cool discoveries that show us how AI is totally shaking things up in our human-powered world.

1. Depletion in human errors

As they say, “to err is human.” One of the most significant advantages of artificial intelligence is it can remarkably decrease human errors and increase accuracy and integrity.

Not all people are capable of multitasking. They can concentrate on a single task. After a while, people become weary and start to lose their attention. People start making bad decisions and are more likely to make mistakes and errors when they are mentally fatigued. AI systems don’t need to focus because they are designed for a specific purpose And certain tasks. AI systems remove the possibility of human error, resulting in a more accurate outcome.

2. Reduces Risk

Some tasks are too risky for humans which can jeopardize their lives. But AI has somewhat simplified life. For instance, people cannot lift heavy machinery but there are heavy AI-controlled cranes to do the job.

AI Robots are used to upgrade the protection of workers when conducting problematic tasks. These robots can lift weighty objects easily. Whether it’s Welding, collecting and packing radioactive waste, working with chemicals, or defusing a bomb, AI robots are capable of performing these tasks that are hazardous to human beings.

3. AI in Healthcare

According to world health organization around the world, 400 million people don’t even have access to basic healthcare. Pretty heartbreaking, huh? But here’s where AI comes in as a superhero. It’s got the power to turn this situation around and bring some much-needed positive change.

It can help in fast and precise diagnosis, decreasing mortality rate by helping in prioritizing those in urgent medical help and improving radiology like CT scans and MRI. The most recent help of AI in healthcare is the prediction of emerging hotspots using contact tracing to fight off covid 19.

4. Longer Availability

Humans’ productivity is restricted; they get distracted and exhausted quickly and need intervals. A human can not be efficient and productive all the time. Machines do not require breaks as humans do. AI is programmed to work for longer hours without needing breaks and distractions. They can execute multiple tasks with more accurate results and have no downtime.

5. Impartiality

Machines are emotionless, whereas humans are driven by emotions, which sometimes makes them biased towards others. AI is highly pragmatic and practical in its approach. Not having a partial view makes AI more accurate and logical in decision-making.

6. Digital assistance in day-to-day life

Most of our daily activities highly depend on AI. Waking up early in the morning to the beep of the mobile alarm clock, the auto-correction function in our cell phones, Mobile maps and navigation, and GPS giving you directions, it’s all because of AI.

The most common use of AI in daily life comes in digital smartphone assistance such as Siri, Alexa, and Google assistance. These assistants use NLP, ML, statistical analysis, and algorithmic implementations to conclude what you ask and try to get it for you.

Final Words

The world has undergone a transformation thanks to the astounding progress of AI. These sophisticated machines have simplified and improved daily life and their efficacy has transformed virtually every industry. With time, we’ll be able to see new, ground-breaking advancements in artificial intelligence.

According to Dr. Kai-Fu Lee( AI oracle and venture capitalist), “AI is going to change the world more than anything in the history of mankind more than electricity.”



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