Top 6 Series On Netflix That You Don’t Want To Miss

Zarminah Ahmed
7 min readMar 25, 2022


Being a movie buff, I binge-watch Netflix. I know it’s not a healthy approach. My Mom says the same, but it’s addictive because Netflix produces a wide variety of award-winning movies, tv shows, and documentaries, keeping its audience’s interest in mind.

Good quality content on Netflix might be available to you at your fingertips. Figuring out the best one can be bothersome and annoying, believe me, a waste of time too.

Are you looking for the series on Netflix that stand out the most, without spending unnecessary time surfing?? Then you have landed at the right place.

Here is the incredible Netflix series list, including thrillers, political dramas, and sitcoms with brief synopsis you can binge-watch. No, there are no spoilers, So stay tuned.

1. Breaking Bad

It’s personally my favorite series. If you’re one of the rare people who hasn’t watched Breaking Bad, then justify your existence and watch it. It is widely considered one of the best series of all time. The show was aired on AMC, but it’s being streamed on Netflix currently, where the viewers can binge-watch it.

It won’t be wrong to say Netflix helped boost the series ratings. The show received numerous awards, including Emmy and Golden Globe awards.
Vince Gilligan created an Emmy-winning, world-class show using a simple real-life situational dilemma.

The series is based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. A spineless high school chemistry teacher diagnosed with lung cancer turns to process and sell out a drug, methamphetamine, to secure his family’s future. The best part of this series is how skillfully it shows Walter’s manipulation mastery. He is so fine at it that you, as a viewer, fall for it.

The first season is slow, but it gradually takes its pace, and the viewers become addicted to the show. The character evolution of Walter White, played brilliantly by Bryan Cranston, from a timid and silent chemistry teacher to a ruthless drug lord is fascinating. Oops, I promised I wouldn’t give spoilers; no more spoilers.

The show keeps you hooked to the end to know what happens at the end. It truly is a chef-d’oeuvre in terms of story, acting, character development, and Production. Overall It’s one of the most brilliant shows in Tv history, so don’t you dare to miss it.

2. Ozark

This series is a bit underrated, but I haven’t seen anyone who has watched this show and didn’t like it. So don’t let the mediocre reviews fool you.

One of the best things about this show is the story starts from the first episode. For a story to begin, you don’t have to go through countless episodes. A well-formulated thriller will keep you on your toes as twists and turns occur at unexpected moments.

This thriller series is about Money laundering, Mexican Drug cartels, and the story of a family whose members can go to any extent to survive and stay together. This well-crafted series will take you to the world of the drug mafia, where only money matters and there is no worth of life.

Jason Bateman as Marty Byrd and Laura Lenny as Wendy Byrd are at the top of their game. No, it won’t be an exaggeration to say Julia Garner lived the character of Ruth. All characters are layered, complicated, dark, and played brilliantly.

Some really shocking moments in the series can make you jump on your couch. Besides the gripping story and skillful acting, the show’s sceneries and locations are exquisite that instantly draw your attention. The beautiful blue sky, lush green forests, and the giant blue lake make you fall in love with the place.

If you haven’t watched Ozark, do yourself a favor and start watching it. I bet you won’t regret watching it.

3. Peaky Blinders

The series is set in Birmingham in the era of 1920, post world war I period. The story is about a family who runs a gang called peaky blinders and exhibits how British vintage gangsters used to live their life. The gripping aspect of the series is that it’s not just about gangsters; it deals with other issues like class warfare, moral ambiguity, and rampant politics in Britain society of that era.

It gives you a preview of classy British romance through Thomas Shelby and his love interest, Grace. Cillian Murphey gave life to the character of Thomas Shelby through his excellent performance. He is a versatile actor whose strong expressions and vocal eyes make you fall in love with him.

The most complex yet most assertive female character I like in the show is Polly. She is tough as nails and a badass woman who shows all her emotions through her unique expressions.

Peaky Blinders encapsulates action, apprehensions, and exhilarating high. The series has some deep touches of melancholy that torment the Shelby family as they build a criminal empire, identical to Al Capone’s at the peak of the prohibition era. This series is a must-watch if you are a fan of British period shows.

4. House of Cards

I started watching this series on the recommendation of my teacher when I was studying politics. Later, when I saw President Obama admitting that he watched House of Card in one of his interviews, it became a must-watch. Besides politics, the show has tackled many social issues like racism, women’s rights, corruption, LGBT rights, religion, sexual assault, mental illness, and much more.

House of Cards is the story of a shrewd and dishonest politician Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey). He plays all his cards ruthlessly to conquer Washington, D.C. To remain in power, he can go beyond any law and conscience. It’s about his journey to becoming President of the United States with the help of his wife, Claire Underwood. His journey depicts different loopholes in the American political system, like ruthless politics and the influence of power.

This Emmy and Golden Globe-winning political drama has a lot of thrill, tension, and climax for you. Every moment brings in a new climax. This is probably one of Beau Willimon’s best creations, and he will be known for it for years.

5. Friends

Phew, enough about thrillers, politics, and action. Let’s freshen our moods and talk about sitcoms. After all, Laughter is the best form of therapy. So let’s begin with my favorite sitcom, “Friends.”

It is undoubtedly one of the greatest sitcoms in TV history. When I don’t feel like myself, I watch Friends, which busts my bad mood instantly.

The story is about six unique friends who overcome various experiences and adventures, making their lives problematic and entertaining.

The writing is incredible. Producers Marta Kauffman, David Crane, and Kevin Bright had an amazing writing crew that brought all the jokes and dialogues to life.

The characters are beautifully portrayed. The entire cast did a phenomenal job. No other actor could have played the characters better than the actors picked for this show. The show rightfully received numerous Emmy awards.

6. The Big Bang Theory

This show has effortlessly all the elements that can make it one of your favorite sitcoms of all time. Big Bang Theory’s talented cast ensemble, witty writing, and humorous banter make it great entertainment.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the amazing chemistry of the cast — such a wonderful mix of humor, happiness, and the value of friendship and family.

I learned the true value of friendship from this show. Even if your buddies are jerks, don’t give up on them. The main characters, Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, Raj Penny, Bernadette, and Amy, are beautifully portrayed, making us believe in the value of friendship.

I never thought that a sitcom would make me cry. I thought sitcoms could only make you laugh, but they sometimes make you cry. When Sheldon gave his Nobel prize speech, it was so emotional that I couldn’t control my tears. It would have been great if we had more of TBBT, but every good thing ends.

Final Words

These are some of my favorite series I can watch over and over — top-ranked and winners of Emmys and Golden Globes. Watch these shows if you want to make your holidays interesting or your weekends joyful. I wager you won’t regret watching them. Watch them and thank me later.



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